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§1 General

These regulations specify the terms and conditions concerning the transport of consignments by the contractor - PHU "SINBUS" the Principal - natural or legal persons and organizational units without legal personality in the European Union.

Principal at the time of signing the waybill declares knowledge of the regulations and at the same time agree to the terms and other provisions that may be issued in accordance with it.

After signing the bill of lading client recognizes the regulations as part of a contract concluded for the provision of transport services shipments.

PHU "SINBUS" performs transport service packages and reserves the right to issue orders for transport services to outside companies.

§2 materials excluded from transport

With transport are excluded things:
* Carriage of which is prohibited under separate provisions;
* Which, because of their size, weight or other characteristics or due to the device PHU "SINBUS" not suitable for carriage;
* Dangerous under separate provisions in particular: flammable materials, explosives or radioactive, caustic or stinking, weapons and ammunition;
* Parcels referred to in § 47 of the Postal Law (reserved services).
* Containing narcotics or drugs and psychotropic drugs, with the exception of items sent for scientific or medical devices by law to the authorized bodies; and goods liable to duty such as: cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco, etc.
* Containing the corpse and the remains of human corpses;
* Designed packaging or the visible part of the contents of inscriptions or drawings infringing goods protected by law;
* Containing works of art, antiques, precious stones and metals in any shape or form, currencies, transferable securities, certificates and any other negotiable values.

Representative (driver) PHU "SINBUS" can check whether the consignment corresponds to the sender's statements contained in the consignment and that have been preserved provisions concerning things allowed to be transported on special conditions.
- Tests performed in the presence of the sender, and if the call it is not possible or if does not report within the prescribed period, the carrier shall check in the presence of persons invited by them to do so.
- Result of the checks shall be included in the consignment note or the attached protocol.
- In the event of non-compliance statements contained in the consignment to real delivery costs charged to the sender verification.
1. In the event of a breach by the Shipper above provisions shall pay a penalty in the amount owed PHU "SINBUS" due to the service.
2. Payment of the penalty referred to above does not deprive PHU "SINBUS" the right to claim damages exceeding the amount of the general rules.
3. PHU "SINBUS" may also refuse to execute in case of:
* Spatio-temporal impossibility of its implementation,
* Improper security delivery by the Principal,
* When there is a suspicion that the declaration of the content and / or its weight does not agree with the facts, separate provisions in particular: flammable materials, explosives or radioactive, caustic or stinking, weapons and ammunition;
* Has the right to refuse to accept the consignment if the sender / recipient of the package is in the area permanently or temporarily excluded from the service.

§ 3 Fees for transport services

1. The amount of fees for services determines the current price list, or a separate agreement concluded between the PHU "SINBUS" with the Customer.
2. The fee shall be paid the Principal at the time of posting, or the recipient when receiving the package - in cash or in accordance with the contract.
3. The receipt of cash by courier PHU "SINBUS" takes on a document or bill of lading according to the agreement.
4. On request it is possible to issue a VAT invoice.
5. PHU "SINBUS" reserves the right to stop shipments Principal in order to secure claims due PHU "SINBUS" to the Client, regardless of title claims.
6. If the shipping weight is greater than the declared origin may be associated with an extra charge during the reception.
7. The sender is liable for the reasonable costs and expenses incurred by PHU "SINBUS" (including storage costs), for losses, taxes and customs duties which PHU "SINBUS" may suffer and claims raised against PHU "SINBUS" because not met by a pack of any of the restrictions, requirements or because of refusal or suspension of the performance of services or return of a package or shipment by PHU "SINBUS" or carrier, consistent with this.
8. In the event of return of a package or shipment, the sender is also responsible for paying the entire remuneration due, calculated in accordance with the rates PHU "SINBUS."
9. The Principal has the right to request information on the current price list.

§ 4 Principles of pickup and delivery of packages

1. The consignment, by phone or electronic notification on official www.sinbus.pl, by the Consignor, is received from an address in the village.
2. The rule is delivery of the consignment to the recipients own hands. If the recipient is a legal person or an organizational unit - the consignment left the receipt in the office or cell fulfills its role.
3. Delivery time shipment service standard: up to 7 working days if it was not individually defined with sender.
4. Delivery time delivery is counted from the moment of receiving from the sender ignoring public holidays and Saturdays and Sundays.
5. In the case of materials: brittle (glass) perishable (food) and temperature sensitive, which sender decided to send (at your own risk) - PHU "SINBUS" does not provide the right conditions to carry on / in goods and in case of damage or deterioration content - not liable.
6. The Customer is obliged to hand over a package capable of allowing for the correct transport and release without loss and damage. The customer is responsible for proper preparation of shipments for transport and / or packing it in such a way that the contents of the shipment was secured according to the duration and nature of the transport service. You are responsible for all costs and damage to people or other items the company, which PHU "SINBUS" commissioned transport, resulting from inadequate preparation / packaging of goods. Customer responsibility may be limited, if the employee PHU "SINBUS" or her attorney did not raise objections despite the obvious, obvious deficiencies or weaknesses packaging or preparation. Reimbursement of expenses also includes any legal fees and court costs as well as to consult experts.
7. The cost of any security or repackaging the package bears the Client.
8. Packaging parcels included in its mass.
9. Adoption of the package for transport and delivery does not justify the presumption that the package corresponds to the conditions specified in the Regulations. For the proper packaging is the responsibility of the Principal.
10. Delivery parcel recipient confirms the signature on the proof of delivery (proof of origin, bill of lading), stating that the proper performance of the service.
11. Any dispute concerning the performance of the service or the state of the package should be entered on the proof of receipt by the recipient at the time of its adoption. In the absence of different arrangements, before confirming the delivery of parcels on the proof of delivery and payment of the resulting fees the recipient can not make the opening of the package. Upon receipt of the package all the risks associated with damage or loss of the package goes to the recipient.
12. If the recipient refuses to accept the package is returned to the sender, transportation costs (in both directions) shall be borne by the Principal.
13. Refusal to pay duties have been made by PHU "SINBUS" services as well as additional actions arising in the course of execution of the order is treated as a refusal to accept the package.
14. In the case of service or the carriage of mail service on behalf of the Customer and at his expense, in case of refusal to pay duties for PHU "SINBUS" by the Principal for its payment is required to Sender.
15. In the absence of recipients, the courier leaves a notification indicating when and where the recipient can personally (or by an authorized representative) to pick up the shipment or request another delivery of the consignment to its headquarters. The deadline for receipt of the shipment by the Recipient is 3 business days counted from the day following the day of leaving attendant. After the deadline for receipt, unless he places all applications from recipients or senders, referred to below, the package is returned to sender at his expense.
16. The refusal to accept the consignment is considered as a refusal to pay any debts referred to in these Regulations.
17. Customer is responsible for marking packages, ie. Client is placed on the package or on its packaging to the address and destination data with the phone contact, which are given at the same time on the waybill. Address, written legibly, should contain absolutely a destination ZIP code and phone number.

§5 Responsibility for delivery

In case of loss, theft or damage to the shipment PHU "SINBUS" financially responsible for the costs associated with the redemption given to complete delivery or repair, no more than the amount which is the upper limit of liability or the value declared by the Principal.
1. Courier is obliged to draw up a protocol in the presence of recipients, which included will be the date and time of delivery and description of damage or loss of the consignment. Properly drawn up a protocol (signed by the Receiver and courier) is the basis for the adoption of the complaint.
2. Following the adoption by the Recipient delivery without reservation shall extinguish all claims against PHU "SINBUS."
3. PHU "SINBUS" is responsible for damage, loss or loss of shipments during the period from its adoption of Broadcasters until delivery to the addressee.
4. Responsibility PHU "SINBUS" in respect of courier services is limited to the amount of 500.00 (five hundred thousand) PLN. PHU "SINBUS" does not assume responsibility over that amount.
5. Responsibility PHU "SINBUS" does not cover damage due to non-performance or improper performance of services consisting in the loss of benefits, profits or revenues, both the sender and third parties.
6. In case of loss, theft or damage to the shipment PHU "SINBUS" financially responsible for the costs associated with the redemption or repair the shipment, but not more than the amount which is the upper limit of liability.

§ 6 Complaints

1. The right to lodge complaints and redress against PHU "SINBUS" Broadcasters shall be entitled, subject to the provisions of paragraph 4. All complaints related to the delivery items do not, delay, loss, loss, and damage to the consignment are accepted by mail to the address of PHU "SINBUS" or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. Complaints should be submitted in writing, with acknowledgment of receipt not later than 10 days from the day following the day of shipment., Subject to the provisions of paragraph 4.
3. Claims for improper performance of services shall expire if the shipment acceptance without reservations. It does not apply to claims arising from hidden defects or damage to the shipment reported by the addressee no later than 7 days after the adoption of the package.
4. Filing a complaint should include:
The name and address of the claimant;
The basis of the complaint;
Documented right to redress;
A copy of the bill of lading and tracking number; The amount of the claim;
Signature of the claimant or a person authorized by him with the attached power of attorney.
5. The complaint should be dealt with within 2 months from the date of filing the proper complaints
6. After investigating the complaint, PHU "SINBUS" notify the claimant in writing of the action taken on the complaint, possible compensation and the date and manner of transfer of receivables.
7. Complaints submitted after the deadline, complaints incomplete (does not meet the conditions), complaints supplemented after the deadline or complaints filed by an unauthorized person shall be treated as not filed.
8. Broadcasters is not entitled to deduct the amounts of claims from current, past or future claims against PHU "SINBUS." Undelivered shipment may be opened in order to obtain data to its service or return Broadcasters.
9. Shipment is considered lost if it was not delivered to the recipient within 5 days after the expected date of delivery.

Customer is obliged to read the Rules before sending shipping company PHU "SINBUS." The use of the services of the company PHU "SINBUS" constitutes acceptance of Terms.

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