Our Offer

For many years, we provide transport services, providing transport of passengers and parcels on international routes. Busy to England, Belgium, Holland, Germany embark on certain days of the week and traverse the specified routes. We provide a smooth transportation in very comfortable conditions. Apart of transport by people, we also offer transport of packages, as well as assistance during przprowadzki. We focus on ensuring the highest standards in every area of service delivery at the same time we care about the development of the offer in accordance with the current needs of our customers.
We operate in a "door-to-door," which means that our offer is very convenient. Passengers who decide for our services are picked up from a particular site and transported to for the indicated address. Customers who and decided on our transport service packs do not have to leave home to give or receive the shipment.


  • Access to the customer's home
  • Transportation of people in the country and the EU
  • School trips
  • Transport services conference
  • Transport services for weddings
  • services for companies
  • Towing tow truck in the country and the EU
  • cargo Trailer
  • We are moving and we supply shops across the EU
  • Transport quads and motorcycles
  • Discounts for groups


  • Departure from Polish - Thursday / Friday
  • Departure from England - Sunday
  • Departure from Belgium, Holland, Germany - Sunday

We also parcel:

  • Reception packages throughout the Polish Monday to Friday
  • Delivery time shipments is 2-3 days
  • In the UK parcels received and are delivered with the indicated address

Telefony PL:

kom. (+48) 502 917 838
tel. (+48) 15 832 51 44


mobile: (+44) 7523406008
phone.: (+44) 77 07 66 12 80

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